SX Guitars

The Sx Guitars is a very prominent guitar company. Many professional guitarists regard Sx as the best guitar for those who are just starting to learn how to play the instrument. It is also a suited for the use of intermediate learners. There are a lot of reasons why Sx guitars are very prominent. One good reason is the price. The price is very affordable for such a very good quality. Their best guitar model that is very popular to teenagers is the Sx SJM 62 model. It is a tailed bridge and tune-o-matic model.

Seagull is a renowned Canadian company .This company basically deals with the manufacturing of one of the best quality of acoustic guitars. Basically it is a sub brand of Goudin guitars. This company deals with the finest acoustic guitars which are very popular among the working musicians.

Their products have distinguished features like the unique headstock and a very reliable tuning stability. This company is very popular for their guitars with handcrafted solid tops which are way better than those laminated ones being produced by other companies.

The Larrivee guitars are a renowned brand in the guitar production. The company was formed by Jean Larrivee long back in the 1960's. At first the company began with the production of typical European type guitars. The first guitars manufactured by the company were simple with no kind of inlay designs. It was Jim Hale who added the modern inlay designs to these guitars like snowflakes and diamonds.

This company was the first to introduce a silver bordered headstock guitar, which become very popular among the masses. The open ended border guitar was built by this company long back, but it is in use still today. Thus it continues to be one of the best Guitar manufacturers.